Service and Capacities

Step 1

Wenko-Prodlog takes care of the classic warehousing activities for you 

  • warehousing
  • goods collection
  • shipping of goods
  • forms and documents
  • Inventories

Step 2

Do you have more complex processes in your company logistics, which you would like to entrust to a service provider as well as the warehouse management? 

  • order picking
  • processing of promotional orders
  • packaging and setup work
  • processing of returned sales
  • coding and price marking
  • import/export
  • customs clearance


Building capacity: 

Built up area22.500m²
High-bay storage8.500m²
Small picking warehouse 5.000m²
Function areas IG/OGWE/WA 3.000m²

High-bay storage data

Pallet parking spaces23.500 Euro-pallets


Consignment sale warehousing data 5.000 pallets (space for 2.500 different articles)